Welcome Wagon

To pass the time while the copy machine in the mailroom spits out blurred copies at turtle speed, I stare at the announcements on the bulletin board.  A lot of them are old.  Some of them still make me chuckle, like the cartoon from The New Yorker in which a professor proclaims he’s gotten tenure while flinging his pants to the side. 

One flier caught my eye a few months ago–it was about the NEH Landmark program.  I could learn about Brooklyn.  Now, I’ve been to Brooklyn before.  I live on Long Island.  We’re neighbors.  But to really learn about Brooklyn, that would be really cool.

And so, here I am, several months and a few readings later, about to embark upon a time trip and on the verge of being able to plot where I’ve been complete with a photo-account.  Before that, some thoughts about the readings. 

Look out, hipsters, there’s a new cat in town.  Almost.

About Christina M. Rau

Poet, blogger, writer, editor, professor
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