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My Own Coney Island

I have been to Coney Island three times.  Now that I have a boyfriend who grew up in Brooklyn and lives ten minutes from it, I’m sure I’ll be there many more times.  As the concept of nostalgia has arisen several … Continue reading

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Steeplechase Soap Opera: Denson’s Coney Island Lost and Found

This is the story of Marie and James and William and the trouble they found.  Marie Tilyou and Willam “Bill” Nicholson were childhood friends who grew up to find pleasure in carousing together through Coney Island.  This carousing wasn’t a bad thing.  … Continue reading

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Peter Pan Syndrome Alert!: Register’s The Kid Of Coney Island

Coney Island, what people referred to as simply “Coney,” was a slip of sand and marsh, eventually integrated into Manhattan life by the surface reail and steam ship in 1902.  While the elite middle-class began to flock to Manhattan Beach, … Continue reading

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Yawping About Everything But: Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”

Walt Whitman is an American icon who loved the places he lived.  “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” shows his admiration for one of those places, Brooklyn.  It also reveals his ideas on the nature of humans living in cities and individuals among … Continue reading

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The Span: Haw’s The Brooklyn Bridge: A Cultural History

The media of 1883 is not much different from the media of today.  The difference is the internet and rampant tabloids.  The similarity is the ability to inflate and skew public perception, and to create a brighter picture of any … Continue reading

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Waterworld V. The World Is Your Oyster: Rising Currents at MoMA

The Rising Currents Project on exhibit at MoMA in NYC offers some very interesting solutions about incorporating the natural world into the city structure.  Mimi Hoang and Eric Bunge take on the area with the boundaries of the south mouth of Palisades Bay, … Continue reading

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Cities Are Nature, Too: McCully’s City At The Water’s Edge

This story is not new nor is it unique to the New York area.  Development impacts the environment.  Chapter 6 of Betsy McCully’s City At The Water’s Edge, entitled “Muddied Waters,” discusses how the earliest colonization changed the fish population … Continue reading

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