Brooklyn Navy Yard By Bus

The Navy Yard in Brooklyn today stands as a private community of bustling artists and manufacturers near Vinegar Hill.  The once castle-like gates at Sands Street have been truncated and now announce the Brooklyn impound.  Many buildings could host scenes from horror films, standing overgrown with vines and weeds in chipping, crumbling dilapidation.  The hospital and nurses’ quarters hide in shadows.  Yet, artists thrive in the paymaster building, and the Perry building boasts the best LEEDS rating.  The yard uses solar and wind-powered lampposts.

Unfortunately, the city has allowed the once beautiful buildings of Admiral’s Row to succumb to jungle-like conditions right down the block.

Nurse's Quarters

Sustainable Lamppost

Tug in dry dock

Refurbished, Recycled, Reused

Closed to the public, the yard today is not busy with shipbuilding.  Yes, the dry docks still exist and are in working order.  However, it has also become the site for artistry and industry of a different sorts.

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