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What To Do In Greenpoint, Part I

Look at buildings… Advertisements

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Personal Life Is Life: Hershon’s “Bridges”

Misremembering and morphed oral histories create fantastic tales that hold great importance to families.  In those families, new generations learn, relearn, and retell these histories so that they become tales of what could have been even if they weren’t.  Such … Continue reading

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Steeplechase Soap Opera: Denson’s Coney Island Lost and Found

This is the story of Marie and James and William and the trouble they found.  Marie Tilyou and Willam “Bill” Nicholson were childhood friends who grew up to find pleasure in carousing together through Coney Island.  This carousing wasn’t a bad thing.  … Continue reading

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The Span: Haw’s The Brooklyn Bridge: A Cultural History

The media of 1883 is not much different from the media of today.  The difference is the internet and rampant tabloids.  The similarity is the ability to inflate and skew public perception, and to create a brighter picture of any … Continue reading

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Preserving NYC: Loflin, et al: “Historic Preservation…”

Here’s a movie cliche: a small group of underdogs must save the building/lot/gazebo on the grounds of saving history.  The cliche exists in television, too.  A recent episode of Parks and  Recreation (Season 2, Episode 21, “94 Meetings”) follows Leslie … Continue reading

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