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The Span: Haw’s The Brooklyn Bridge: A Cultural History

The media of 1883 is not much different from the media of today.  The difference is the internet and rampant tabloids.  The similarity is the ability to inflate and skew public perception, and to create a brighter picture of any … Continue reading

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Returning: Shulberg’s “The Waterfront Revisited”

Ssmith asked, “have you experienced an altered or ‘constructed’ memory of a place that surprised you upon return after a long absence?” during last week’s discussion of David Thelen.  Budd Shulberg is a storyteller; in the film, On The Waterfront, … Continue reading

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Lying V. Not Telling The Truth: Atlas’s “Stranger Than Fiction”

The difference between lying and not telling the truth is intent.  A huge difference also lies between interpreting situations and altering facts.  James Atlas’s “Stranger Than Fiction” discusses Kitty Kelley’s biography of Nancy Reagan, and how the facts are “facts,” … Continue reading

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